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81 Astrophoto: Spectacular 22-Degree Sun Halo Over Kuala Lumpur
82 Virtual Star Party – Sep. 30, 2012: Breaking the Rules Edition
83 Mercury’s Surface is Full of Sulfur
84 Watch Live: A Day in the Life of the Very Large Telescope
85 Surprise! Hot Venus has a Cold Upper Atmosphere
86 Weekly SkyWatcher’s Forecast: October 1-7, 2012
87 Pictures From T-86: Cassini’s Latest Flyby of Titan
88 Roving Curiosity at Work on Mars Searching for Ingredients of Life
89 ESA’s Big Cargo Ship Departs from the Space Station
90 Peekaboo Sun: SDO’s Eclipse Season
91 A River Ran Through It: Why Do They Think There Was Once Water on Mars?
92 Weekly Space Hangout – Sept. 27, 2012
93 Astrophoto: The Crescent Nebula Wolf Rayet Star by John Chumack
94 Parallax Effect Charted in the 2012 Transit of Venus
95 Vesta’s Deep Grooves Could Be “Stretch Marks” From Impact
96 Curiosity Finds Evidence of An Ancient Streambed on Mars
97 Amateur Astronomer Creates Detailed Map of Ganymede
98 Planets in our Solar System May Have Formed in Fits and Starts
99 Paddleboat Mission to Titan Proposed
100 Researchers Present the Sharpest Image of Pluto Ever Taken from Earth