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61 Curiosity Set for 1st Martian Scooping at ‘Rocknest’ Ripple
62 Weekly Space Hangout – Oct. 4, 2012
63 Rare X-Ray Nova Reveals a New Black Hole in the Milky Way
64 Video: 55 Years of Space Exploration
65 Once in a Lifetime Image: Emperor Penguins Under the Aurora Australis
66 Two Stars Do a Short-Orbit Tango Around the Milky Way’s Black Hole
67 Eye-Like Helix Nebula Turns Blue in New Image
68 Liftoff! Delta IV Launches Next Generation GPS Satellite
69 Astrophoto: Stunning Sun Halo Revisited
70 1,000 mph Land Speed Record Car Fires Up Its Engines
71 Watch Live Webcast: What Does Hubble’s Deepest Image of the Universe Reveal?
72 Curiosity’s “Bootprint” on Mars
73 How Much Would it Cost to Launch Your House into Space?
74 Hangout with Elon Musk
75 Spitzer Provides Most Precise Measurement Yet of the Universe’s Expansion
76 36-Dish Australian Telescope Array Opens for Business
77 What Happens When Supermassive Black Holes Merge?
78 Antares Commercial Rocket Reaches New Atlantic Coast Launch Pad
79 Year-Long Missions Could Be Added to Space Station Manifest
80 Video: Why is the Sky Dark at Night?