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101 Space Debris Threat May Require Avoidance Maneuver for Space Station
102 The Dust “Windshield Wiper” That Didn’t Go to Mars
103 Take a Gander at a Cosmic Gull
104 A Crescent Moon in the Martian Sky
105 Red Bull Stratos Targets Oct. 8 for Record-Setting Freefall Attempt
106 Gape Slack-Jawed at this Amazing Video of Jupiter’s Rotation
107 Study Looks at Making Asteroid Mining Viable
108 Guest Post: Comet Kerfuffle
109 Will NASA Really Build a “Gateway” L-2 Moon Base?
110 How Many Asteroids Are Out There?
111 Hubble Goes to the eXtreme in Stunning New Deepest View Ever of the Universe
112 Blowing a Super-duper Celestial Bubble
113 New ‘Sun-Skirting’ Comet Could Provide Dazzling Display in 2013
114 Bringing You There: Final Shuttle Flyby Over Kennedy Space Center
115 A New, Automatic 3-D Moon
116 Finding Life in All the Unlikely, Unexpected Places
117 Want to Look Inside a Burning Rocket Engine?
118 Astrophoto: A Year of Mars Observations by Efrain Morales
119 Astronomers Discover Milky Way’s Hot Halo
120 Virtual Star Party – Sep. 23, 2012: The Friendly Competition Edition